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01.22.09 > Exciting news! London-based publisher Constable & Robinson has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to all of the current titles in the Midnight Breed series. Beginning with Ashes of Midnight, to be published by them in June, C&R will also be releasing the five previous titles later this autumn. I am so excited to be a part of the C&R family, as they were the original publisher of Bram Stoker's Dracula some 100 years ago!

01.18.09 > Thank you, readers!! Despite a post-Christmas release day packed with heavy-hitter titles, Nikolai and Renata debuted on multiple U.S. bestseller lists, with Veil of Midnight spending a total four weeks on the New York Times list, four weeks on the USA Today list, and one week on the Publishers Weekly list. In addition, Veil of Midnight was also the #2 bestselling romance novel at Borders Books across the country--right behind Christine Feehan! WOW!

10.15.08 > Rio and Dylan are international bestsellers! I recently got the news that the German translation of Midnight Rising (Gebieterin der Dunkelheit) spent two weeks on the Der Spiegel bestseller list (in the #20 and #21 spots). Der Spiegel is Europe's largest weekly news magazine, so it's quite an honor--not to mention a huge surprise--to learn that one of my books landed on their list. Vielen Dank an meine liebe deutsche Leser!

08.15.08 > Fan Forum NOW OPEN! Recently a number of readers approached me about putting together a fan message board for folks to gather and chat about the series. I'm very excited--and flattered--to announce that the "Lara Adrian Midnight Breed Fan Forum" is now open! Everyone is welcome to join, so please feel free to venture over and take a peek: []

07.31.08 > More Midnight Breed books on the way! Bantam Dell has signed me up for two more books in the series, bringing the contracted total to 8 books thus far. Woo-hoo!

06.09.08 > Lots of great news--where to begin? First, I can't thank you all enough for your incredible enthusiasm for Midnight Rising. Rio and Dylan's story debuted at a phenomenal #6 on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed on the extended list for another four weeks! In addition, it hit the USA Today list, Publishers Weekly, and was the #1 bestselling romance novel its first week out at Borders Books and Waldenbooks stores nationwide! I'm also thrilled to announce more translation editions on the way: Germany, Spain, and Vietnam (!!) have picked up rights to several more novels in the series. Please visit my Translations page for all the details.

12.09.07 > Another bestseller! A huge thank you to everyone who picked up Midnight Awakening the first week it went on sale. Tegan and Elise landed on the Waldenbooks/Borders bestseller list (both the Romance list and the general Mass Market fiction list) and also had first week showings on the USA Today and New York Times extended bestseller lists!

07.06.07 > Sprechen zie Deutsch? I'm very excited to announce that translation rights to the first three books in the Midnight Breed series have sold to Germany! Later this year, look for Geliebte der Nacht (September) and Gefangene des Blutes (November).

06.17.07 > Thank you, readers and booksellers, for helping to make Kiss of Crimson a New York Times bestseller! Dante and Tess hit the June 17th NYT Extended list in the #30 spot. In addition, both Kiss of Midnight and Kiss of Crimson were USA Today Bestsellers and Waldenbooks/Borders bestsellers!


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