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Cut and Run

Cut and Run

Phoenix Code
BOOKS 1 & 2

In Media Res Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781941761014
Ebook * Paperback * Audiobook

About the Book

Now available in audiobook!

Darkly gifted and dangerously skilled, they were once the nation's most powerful asset--until betrayal by unknown enemies sent the Phoenix operatives deep underground. They devoted their lives to the program, sacrificed their futures. Now it's kill or be killed in a desperate race to thwart a hellish event. And with assassins closing in from all sides, desire can be a deadly mistake...

CUT by Lara Adrian

Community college professor Ethan Jones is living a lie. A precognitive agent known as Zephyr, Ethan is accustomed to subterfuge and deception, but when the Phoenix program is betrayed, he’s forced to cut all ties to the life he's made and everyone in it—including smart, beautiful Tori Connors, the one woman who tempted the cold agent to let down his impenetrable facade.

A chance encounter years later and thousands of miles away thrusts the lovers together again, and this time Tori refuses to let Ethan deceive her. Although he is a dangerous enigma, Tori still desires him, and soon their inconvenient reunion becomes a temptation too strong to resist. With assassins closing in, Ethan and Tori embark on a desperate race for their lives—one that will put their tentative trust to the ultimate test.

RUN by Tina Folsom

Motorcycle mechanic Scott Thompson isn't the laid-back loner he makes everyone believe. Three years ago, he was known as Ace, one of an elite group of agents in a top secret CIA program. However, the preternatural ability that made him invaluable to the government could now be his downfall, when his skill alerts him to a disaster bound to kill dozens of innocents unless he intervenes.

Journalist Phoebe Chadwick needs to persuade her editor to spare her from department cuts that threaten her job. When a mysterious stranger prevents an accident that would have killed her and many others, Phoebe goes after the story. But bad boy Scott is a reluctant hero unwilling to answer her questions, despite the sizzling chemistry that ignites between them. As his enemies hunt him down, Scott must decide if he can trust Phoebe—and how far he’s willing to go to keep her safe at his side.


"This brand new written by Lara Adrian and Tina Folsom in two novellas that are rife with action, suspense and emotion. Fast paced with a killer amount of emotion, Adrian definitely shows that she is able to conquer any genre she writes in. Tina Folsom's story is just as riveting and suspenseful...(CUT AND RUN is) well-written, perfectly paced and provided a couple hours of entertainment when I needed it most. I'll definitely be looking forward to the rest of the series."
—Fresh Fiction

"Lara Adrian...writes such steamy paranormals and I love all of her hot heroes. Ethan Jones is no exception. He's such a stoic agent, one that has a furnace full of feelings and heat underneath. I adored this first Phoenix Code book."
—USA Today Happy Ever After Blog (5 Stars)

"(Lara Adrian and Tina Folsom) have teamed up to give us a great new series...I really loved these stories. I am so excited and very nervous to see what is up next in this series."
—Books N Kisses Blog (5 Hearts)

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