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A Glimpse of Darkness

A Glimpse of Darkness

Del Rey (December 6, 2010)

About the Book

An original collaboration among five of the genre’s brightest authors, A Glimpse of Darkness is urban fantasy as it’s never been done before.

Munira bint Azhar, the half-human daughter of a djinn, is a skilled Retriever in the city of Port Nightfall. Now the powerful sorcerer Temesis has given Munira a dire ultimatum: steal a magical lantern—the Light of Ta'lab—from the horrific undead kingdom below the city, or watch her father die at Temesis's hand. Will she be able to retrieve the lantern and save her father’s life, or will they both perish in the process?

With an Afterword featuring the choices readers were given at the end of each chapter.

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